Karamie Canty 
Last week I used Growing Green for the first time. I asked for assistance in getting the yard in better shape as well as helping me kill the weeds growing in the rocks. It is too early to tell if the what they recommended for the lawn is working but so far the process in scheduling and having them out has been very easy, they have great customer service, and I felt that they are very reasonably priced. I didn't have to be home and they placed a flag in my yard to show there were chemicals placed on the yard so I know they came by. So far so good and would definitely recommend them!
Melanie White 
I couldn't Believe how pretty my lawn could look. I was always worried about fertilizer and other treatments because I have dogs. Wes is fantastic! He has used pet safe products and my lawn is lush and green. Growing green has been outstanding for our yard.
Cookie Crumb 
I have been using Growing Green for a few years now & I am pleased with their service. My lawn looks much better than before I started using their service. Easier to maintain now & being a single mother that really is a time saver. I was outside one day & even got a few positive comments from people in the neighborhood who said my lawn looked great & asked how I got it to look so good!
Warren Stott 
I have used these guys for years and they were around for years before that. They've been good all the way through, high quality service and you can count on their word. Real pros. thanks guys
Heather Biron 
Growing Green has helped us bring our dead, diseased lawn back to life. Anytime we start to have issues (like when we forget to turn the sprinklers back on in the spring and the grass dies) Growing Green has been able to take care of them and help us keep one of the best looking lawns on the block.